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In April 2021, the Flemingsberg Medical Imaging Facility (FMIF) was formed through an assignment from the Center for Innovative Medicine (CIMED; see cimed.ki.se) to identify research groups, resources, expertise and gaps within the area of medical imaging in Flemingsberg Campus South.

Our goal is to strengthen the scientific research field of medical and biomedical imaging and to increase the availability of support and development in this multidisciplinary area. This includes the existing, great, well equipped infrastructures from the core facilities within both KTH Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Karolinska Institute (KI)  and Karolinska University Hospital (KS).  

With help of researchers in campus Felminsgebrg, we want to define and visualize future research needs for imaging systems among research groups in the greater Stockholm region and to present the existing available advanced medical imaging systems that can create value for the success of your research projects. Our ambition to become one of the world’s best collaboration of imaging facilities.

Affiliated Organizations

KI-Stockholm Medical Image Laboratory and Education (SMILE)

SMILE is the translational hub where clinicians, researchers and PhD-students from academy, healthcare and industry meet and benefit from the collected competence in image analysis, visualization and quantification.

KTH-Jonasson Centre for Medical Imaging

The Jonasson Centre for Medical Imaging was established in 2014 after a donation from Kerstin and Rune Jonasson. The overall aim of the Centre is for healthcare, technology and research in the region to become world-leading within image function.

Birgitta Janerot Sjöberg

Phone: 08-524 835 02
Email: birgitta.janerot@ki.se

Björn-Erik Erlandsson

Phone: 070-551 43 30
Email: beerl@kth.se

KI - Live Cell Imaging core facility (LCI)

The Live Cell Imaging core facility at KI offers a vast range of light microscopy techniques to all researchers in Sweden, from academia and the industry. We provide expert help for sample preparation, experiment design, image acquisition and image analysis. We accommodate fixed and live samples, very small (nm) to large (cm) samples, fluorescent or not, on slides or in multiwell plates or dishes.

KS- Preclinical Imaging Facility (PIF) at Preclinical Laboratory (PKL)

Preclinical Imaging Facility (PIF) is a small animal imaging hub at Flemingsberg campus, and a part of the Preclinical Laboratory (PKL). PIF together with PKL provides a full range of preclinical study services for academia and industry sectors, providing them with high quality preclinical study data.

Sylvie Le Guyader

Phone: 0737335008
Email: sylvie.le.guyader@ki.se

Moustapha Hassan

Phone: 08-585 838 62
Email: moustapha.hassan@ki.se

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